By Bill Van Eron - Head Waters Biz & Markets In Flow

  1. As technology accelerates, attention to how it can best enable our humanity is key, so we grow in tandem.
  2. There is no Plan B to protecting the health of our environment, so truer and more conscious innovation will be sought and applied to make a bigger impact now.
  3. The path to success has rarely been served by decades of bottom-line thinking. Internal and external stakeholders earn & determine any organizations greatest relevance. Government needs to exemplify this.
  4. Business that does the right thing, and recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion, purpose and earned relevance will champion a more compelling future all will emulate. Why not start in Calgary?
  5. Greater attention to our humanity and values will define the next breed of conscious leadership so success follows shared and earned relevance, and all contributors are recognized, enabled and share in the equity.
  6. Indifference creates walls where compassion shapes pathways. Welcome to the next age of enlightenment.
  7. Conscious Innovation considers the full ecosystem affected. This is evident for Calgary & beyond.
  8. Everyone should have equal access to paths and actions that shape lives and careers of meaning.
  9. Our humanity, diversity, inclusion and values are what matters and what best unites us everywhere.
  10. While every individual has freedom of choice, and expression, welcome to the new age of We-Relevance.

Why we support Virginia Stone as your Mayor of Calgary:

  1. She exudes the qualities, that are truly refreshing to now expect in the next breed of government leadership.
  2. She leads with a passion fuelled by greater attention to the values that define a greater nation.
  3. She recognizes the need for actions that greatly improve our local and planetary health and sees that path clearly and inclusively.
  4. We all love and admire people who care to rise above the status quo, so our unique and collective needs are properly understood and acted on.
  5. Agricultural health and year-round availability are on her list as characteristic to conscious adopters versus the pattern of risk aversion that defines indifference to what really matters through change.
  6. As one whose career in design, trust, and brand relevance always earned the highest relevance for several major organizations, why limit this to them when we all play a role and deserve that recognition.
  7. Our initial achievable reality is clean air and water, healthier lifestyles, and food sources, and eliminating the need for landfills, costly trash and recycling actions. Also protecting our gorgeous mountains, forests, parks, waterways and all species as true stewards to our planet.  

My Accomplishments in life & forward-looking work

  1. Growing up in public housing in Brooklyn, NY immersed in our full diversity gave me a richer palette to understand the full power in diversity beyond how some differentiate by ethnicity, gender or age. Our diversity always catalyzed trust, inclusion and greater relevance daily. My design & branding career flourished because of the depth of my values and value-creation compass. My purpose includes helping others to discover their diverse attributes as vital factors in life, work & communities.
  2. In working as a designer in the most demanding market – NYC – it was common knowledge that if we failed to stay authentic, find and shape a trustworthy value and be original, that we would lose our jobs. I am thankful that never happened to myself or my associates in design. As a senior, I am happy to defy the stereotypes upon seniors as self-obsolescence. And prove that as long as we pay attention to others, purpose and attitude, we stay both continuous learners and relevant mentors for all, especially our youth.
  3. My desire is to help major tech, science and medical firms to integrate their expertise with the mindset and skills I and others can soon have as key paths to greater relevance. Creativity, values and systems thinking deserve more serious integration in Boards, C-Suite and accessible to all Functions, as now vital. I see better solutions, and a better future for business and government where people are priority one.
  4. I joined Hewlett Packard in 1976, because the head of the largest agency in Denver, CO. who knew my work, suggested I join HP as my view of brand relevance would add life to the founders’ values. That proved true for HP and all of the many organizations I helped with respect to why some of us fall into patterns that take things for granted. My attitude now is ‘why not government, environmental, agricultural and education’ as all need to rise above patterns that fail when relevance is the best path to success all should enjoy. Every time I reshaped an HP program to do the right thing, its value earned unprecedented growth & relevance. So will you.
  5. Even though HP was my favourite company to help, its deep engineering and technology focus inadvertently shaped a closed, internally focused culture. We all respect what it takes to be in technology. Yet, it was a steep hill to climb to earn their full recognition to why and how skills in humanity, creativity & values was as important to earn the higher stakeholder relevance.
  6. We are now in the midst of an age where ‘what you stand for is more important than what you make’. This reality heralds in a new age of humanity, as stakeholders with 100% transparency as to who owns up to internal & external promises, that determines who is seen as worthy or not. Virginia embodies this, so no surprise as I said I wish she was running for a high-level office here in the USA, while excited for its value for Calgary.